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Transformers: Best of Windblade Variant A (Biggie)

Transformers: Best of Windblade Variant A (Biggie)

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(W) VARIOUS, VARIOUS (CA) James Biggie ----- Whether soaring above the skies of Caminus, Cybertron, or Earth, the city speaker Windblade is a hero through and through. She’ll lead not just the Autobots but all of Cybertron with compassion and ferocity—if they’ll let her. Follow her adventures through Cybertron’s greatest periods of unity and anything but!Best of Windblade collects “A Bot and Her City” from Transformers: Windblade #1, “The Chosen One” from Transformers: Till All Are One Annual, “The Cracks Beneath Your Feet, Part 3” from Transformers (2019) #9, and more!

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