Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions


All books must have the following on the backing board:

  • Your Name
  • Your Mailing Address
  • Your Email
  • Book Information (Title / # / Variant Cover Info)
  • Name of Signatures to be done on the book

If you do not want to window bag your books we will do it for you at no additional cost. Your books will be placed in a CGC Yellow Signing Bag and the artist can then decide where to sign.


If you want the artist signature in a specific place on the book please window bag your own books. If you are unsure how to prepare your book please see video at the bottom of this page on how to bag a book.

Examples of window bags accepted by CGC






    Once you have completed everything (filled out/printed form, prepped window, prepped backing board) please send everything to Nocturnal Rabbit Comics.


    Nocturnal Rabbit Comics, 900 N Blue Mound Rd, Suite 144, Saginaw, TX 76131



    It is recommended you send your package(s) with tracking to help ensure we receive your book(s) without any problems. We are not responsible for how your book(s) get to us, so please take great care in your packaging process!